Upper 6th IA Guideline

Wolmer’s High School for Girls


Upper Sixth                                                                 Teacher:  Mrs. McCallum-Rodney

Checklist for Problem Description


Briefly describe the problem to be solved:

·         Give background of situation.

·         Explain how activities are currently done and the impact it is having on the organization.

·         Explain the issues surrounding the current approach to activities.

·         Explain why this problem needs to be solved and the impact it will have on the organization.


Briefly describe how the problem will be solved:

·         What inputs are needed?

·         Explain the activities that will be involved in solving the problem

·         What outputs are needed?

·         Discuss how the solution will be impact on the organization

·         How will data be stored?


List of objectives to be achieved (at least THREE)



NB:- Re-evaluate your problem definition to ensure it is accurate.


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